My name is Della Katessen.

I am a fabulous drag queen based in Naarm (Melbourne) Australia delivering the most wonderful online events to every corner of the globe.

How fancy!

I'm fully Vaxx'd and ready to mingle. In person gigs are coming VERY soon. I can feel it in my waters.

Hang around for a couple minutes will you? I'll go pop the kettle on...

Feel free to take a peek around, check out all of my New Fabulous Merchandise and don’t forget to Contact Me if you have any questions!

Della xo

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  • Do you like questions?
    Have you got answers?

    Sounds like you need to come along to my Fabulous Fact Hunt.

    It’s an online quiz for the Fabulous.

    Not just any old quiz... Della brings the fun, humor and flawless button clicking to the online world. Each round is themed, so if you didn’t do so well in the first round, you have the chance to dominate the second or third. Or maybe you won't. Only time will tell.

    The Fabulous Fact Hunt is the perfect way to see how smart (or not-so-smart) you are. It’s also a great excuse to have a couple glasses/bottles of Pinot Noir too.

  • Can you hear the balls drop, Fernando?

    My Fabulous Ball Drop is balls to the wall FUN!

    We all know that BINGO has been around for years, so it takes a special kind of biological woman to take it from drab to FAB. Get your fingers ready to play along as Della plays with her balls LIVE over Zoom! How exciting!

    Traditional 1-90 Number BINGO or the most Fabulous Music BINGO means that people will be talking about Della’s balls for months and months!

  • I believe the children are our future… Read to them and let them… Pay for all your medication when you get old!

    Della is now doing her Fabulous Story Time ONLINE!

    Sure you could get Siri to read to you, but where is the fun in that? Let Della read to the children and the children at heart, all done online. It’s multiple camera fun with one on Della and on on the book she is reading, so the kids can read along and look at the pretty pictures!

    Reading the most stunning books that encourage all kids to be their fabulous self. Della keeps the conversation open and fun throughout the event. She makes sure that all children know that it’s ok to be different and it’s ok to make mistakes.

  • I’m always being asked to keep things private!
    Lucky for you darling, all my events can be fully customised.

    So that means you, your friends, family or workplace can have your own Fabulous Private Event online!

    No one wants to be standard and do the same old event that Brenda from down the road did last week… So let Della customise an event for you!

    You can invite those you love or those you hate and get drunk together. It’s the perfect way to get away with a good time online!

    Get in touch now darlings and let’s plan something Fabulous!

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